B & b Torre de Salis is located in the heart of the Franciacorta wine-growing area: ask for directions about the cellars and the production of excellent DOCG bubbles where you can book guided tours and taste the excellent Franciacorta DOCG wine.

The Abbeys

The Abbey of San Nicola in Rodengo Saiano is one of the most monumental religious buildings in Italy. The complex - owned by the State property - returned in 1969 to the religious, who returned it to its original destination. This marked the beginning of an impressive restoration that restored the church to its former glory, the cloister of the late sixteenth century with combined columns, the fifteenth-century rustic cloister, the refectory, the monumental gallery and the various rooms that house masterpieces of the greatest artistic exponents of the Bresciano especially of the XVI and XVII centuries. It houses a laboratory for book restoration.

Near Provaglio d’Iseo, on the other hand, stands the monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Torbiere del Sebino, declared a Nature Reserve in 1983 and passable on foot or by bicycle. The monastery takes its name from the Lame, the marshes that the Cluniacs undertook to reclaim with the use of new agricultural techniques, after having received the complex as a gift from two Lombard feudal lords in 1083. The baroque chapel on the square in front of it is well preserved. church, which seems to stand out by magic from the Lame behind.

Iseo Lake

Lake Iseo (also called Sebino, from the ancient Roman name), is the sixth largest extension among the Italian lakes, but has the singular distinction of hosting Europe's largest inhabited island: Monte Isola. It was formed by the excavation action and the subsequent withdrawal of an alpine glacier.

The landscape and nature of the Sebino are the happy meeting point between north and south. The north has a crown of snowy mountains, the copious water of a river, the rains that make the hills green, the cool breeze that softens the summer heat. The south gives the mild climate, the bright light of the sky, the Mediterranean flora of which the olive is the symbol. The landscape is also marked by the encounter between land and water: dramatic encounter, when high rocky walls fall sheer into the lake; sweet encounter, when mountains and hills slope down towards the coast.

Torbiere del Sebino

They are located on the edge of Franciacorta, where the hills are grafted into Lake Iseo. Naturalistic oasis declared of international interest, unique of its kind in Europe, Natural Reserve of the Lombardy Region since 1983, the peat bogs extend with their bodies of water and their marsh vegetation for about 360 hectares: they can be visited by following walkways and walkways in wood that blend well with the landscape. The best place to admire them with a single glance is the courtyard of the monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, in Provaglio d’Iseo. Today, the bogs are surrounded by thick reeds with rushes and cattails, dotted with sparse trees, while the water mirrors are covered with water lilies (in full bloom from May to September) and nannufari. Among the many birds that live there undisturbed, as many as 25 species of swamp nest, such as the gray heron, the great crested grebe, the red heron, the cormorant, the shoveler, the marsh harrier and the black kite.

Capo di Ponte & la Valle Camonica

Capo di Ponte is a municipality in the middle Camonica valley. It is famous thanks to the rock engravings of the Camonica Valley and its three archaeological parks that are part of the UNESCO site.
The three Parks are:
  • Naquane Rock Engravings National Park
  • Seradina-Bedolina municipal archaeological park
  • National Archaeological Park of the Massi di Cemmo
It is also home to the MUPRE - The National Museum of Prehistory of the Valle Camonica

The historic center of Brescia

In a simple day it is possible to visit Brescia in complete tranquility; I'm talking about Brescia's only historic center: museums, archaeological sites, Roman domus, Lombard monasteries and settlements, medieval and eighteenth-century buildings, Brescia Castle, Santa Giulia Museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shopping centers

Elnòs Shopping, in Roncadelle (Brescia), is the place to go shopping in 145 shops, bars and restaurants and where to meet, relax, have fun with friends, family or even find time for yourself.
The Franciacorta Outlet Village is located in Rodengo Saiano, in the province of Brescia. Nestled in the magnificent landscape of Franciacorta, a Lombard area famous for its sparkling wine production, the Outlet Village is more or less halfway between the city of Brescia and Lake Iseo.

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